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Saturday, December 15, 2012

MLM Independent Review: My Jinga Juice

My Jinga Juice Inc. is making buzz in the MLM industry here in the Philippines because of several factors, one of the owners, Garry Norman is a well known network marketer who used to be with First Vita Plus. Since Garry has a large following in his network, it is no wonder that in as little as 3 months of launching the company, it has already produced almost 15,000 networkers. That can be credited to his credibility as a leader in the networking industry.Some networkers also believe that MVP (Manny Pangilinan) is one of the owners as well since Atty. Mabasa is connected with him. Let's look at Jinga Juice in more detailed perspective with the given information below:

Company Information:

My Jinga Juice Incorporated was established on July 2012. Their aim is two-fold; First, to promote a healthy lifestyle and help people achieve well being through quality health products; Second, to provide Filipinos with a good source of livelihood.

Product Offerings:

The Delicious Health Drink with Power of Two Superfoods - Wheatgrass and Guyabano

They have combined the Wonders of Wheatgrass and the Goodness of Guyabano in one nutrition - packed refreshment.

Jinga Juice is delightfully palatable thanks to the tart flavor of Guyabano.

Taken regularly, along with a balanced diet, exercise and rest, Jinga Juice can greatly enhance overall health, and gives the body energy and resistance to diseases. 

Marketing Plan:

1. Retail Profit/Commission

        - A Dealer is entitled to a Retail Profit/Commission of up to 50% on My Jinga Juice Inc. product lines.

2. Wholesale Profit/Commission
        - A Dealer is entitled to a Wholesale Profit/Commission of Php 1000 on My Jinga Juice Inc. selected product lines.

3. Override Commission
        - A Dealer is entitled to Override Commission of Php 1,500 for every sale of Jinga Pack in Sales Group A that matches with another sale of Jinga Pack in Sales Group B.

4. Sales Rebate
          - A Dealer is entitled to Sales Rebate, based on the Retailing and Repeat Purchases of his/her network organization up to the 10th level.

5. Profit Sharing Pool
           - A Dealer who achieves the sales target set forth by the company, and whose network organization grows through hardwork, perseverance, and discipline will be included in the Profit Sharing Pool. This is a reward given to loyal and deserving Jinga Juice Dealers who will be entitled to enjoy the annual profit sharing scheme, as arranged by the company.

My Jinga Juice has a great potential given the kind of leadership that Garry Norman has and since this is his own business, I'm sure he'll do whatever it takes to make it a success. The company is also offerring a bigger discount for their products making the Jinga Juice main product which contains Guyabano more affordable especially for those who use it. For networkers who are familiar to the Binary system, it's quite easy to follow and understand and being in the pioneering stage, one can take advantage of the benefits of being a pioneer in an MLM company.

Fore more information about My Jinga Juice, you can visit this site,

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